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Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Range


“The Super Facialist brand offers groundbreaking products to deliver real results for healthier, more beautiful skin. Each product expertly combines superior, innovative formulations with wonderful fragrances to indulge the senses while restoring skin health. Since no two complexions are the same, the range has been specifically developed to allow for tailored regimes for each individual. Potent plants and essential oils combine with proven active ingredients to perfectly connect nature, science and the senses, resulting in simple skincare that works – for everyone.”

I was kindly contacted by Super Facialist to test out and review some of their skincare products. I have combination skin which is more on the oily side during summer and has also been quite blemish prone lately too, which we all know is very annoying. That being said they recommended the Salicylic Acid range to me which consists of a purifying cleansing wash, purifying and refresh facial scrub and a pore purifying clay mask which are all designed to help target skin prone to breakout and oiliness for a clear, healthy complexion. Sounds perfect!


Purifying Cleansing Wash | £7.99

This cleansing wash is designed, with regular use, to help detoxify and deep clean congested skin of daily impurities and excess oils without causing any irritation. I used this daily every morning and evening for a good few weeks sometimes with my electric cleansing brush and sometimes without. I have to say I think I definitely preferred to use it with my cleansing brush as it just made it feel like it was cleaning  deeper into my pores and generally made it feel like it was doing that little bit more. It left my skin feeling really nice and clean.

Purifying and Refresh Facial Scrub | £8.99

Next up we have the facial scrub which is nice and creamy with biodegradable micro beads to help remove those dead skin cells and impurities and keep the skins moisture balance. As it’s a creamy facial scrub it isn’t too harsh on the skin and I used this on an evening 1 – 2 times a week and it left my skin feeling soooo smooth and soft which I love. It definitely did a good job of removing those dead skin cells and cleaning a little bit deeper into my pores.

Pore Purifying Clay Mask | £9.99

I love a good face mask so when I saw this included I got super excited, especially as it’s a clay mask too. This one is full of all the great ingredients to help unclog congested skin and absorb all the excess oils including Dead Sea Mud which is rich in Magnesium, Calcium, Potassium and Iron and also Avocado Oil rich in Vitamins A, D and E with Acacia Honey. I used this 1 – 2 times a week in the evenings and it really helped to dry up my spots and leave my skin brighter and less oily too. You only have to leave this mask on for 5 minutes but I liked to leave it on for 10-15 so it could completely dry down and just have a little longer to do it’s job.


Overall I enjoyed using this range but I think the facial wash was probably my least favourite of the 3 and the clay mask was my favourite. I do think that these products can have quite a strong scent to them which could put a few people off but it’s nothing horrible or unbearable at all. I think a toner and moisturiser would be a great addition to the range as I did find myself missing using a toner when I was testing them out and I still had to use a moisturiser too to make sure I didn’t dry out my skin. Although they do have a day cream and night cream in another range which might work well with these products.

Other than that, although these products didn’t completely get rid of any spots they did help to dry them out and help with my oiliness too. My spots were due to hormones, stress and being poorly which could be the reason why these products didn’t help more with reducing them or banishing them but who knows! I think I will continue to use these products with other skincare products I already have rather than on their own as a 1 brand routine. They’re super affordable too and can be purchased on their own website here or in your local Boots or online at Boots here. I definitely want to give some of their other ranges a try in the future, especially the Vitamin C range which looks so good and I bet it smells so nice.

At the end of the day everyone’s skin is different so I would love to hear your thoughts on this or any other range from Super Facialist if you’ve tried them or want to try them! What do you think?

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*This post contains products which were gifted to me for review. However all opinions are completely honest and my own.


31 thoughts on “Super Facialist Salicylic Acid Range

  1. I absolutely love clay face masks, they’re my go to products for a pampering evening! I also love products with biodegradable microbeads, so the scrub sounds ideal for me too! I’ll definitely be checking out the brand.. 😇


    1. Me too they’re some of my favourites especially when I have a few pesky spots! Yes biodegradable microbeads are so good. By the sounds of it I think you would love this brand! I think they have 30% off on their website atm! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I always see them in boots but just never got around to picking any bits up so I was super excited to receive some in the post! They’re so lovely and affordable! I’m so glad you enjoyed the post! xx

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve had this brand on my radar for a while, I’ve see in it a lot on my feed. The vitamin C caught my eye and sounds fab. My skin is the opposite of yours…dry!! But I do get the odd blemish like you. The clay mask sounds nice although I’m not really one for face masks but I do prefer the clay variety!
    Sorry you’ve been feeling poorly, hope you’re better now. Lovely post. Enjoyed reading. Xx


    1. Me too, they always catch my eye in boots. They also do a Rose range which I think is really good for drier skin types! They also currently have 30% off on their website if you was looking to get anything! Aw thank you I’m much better now 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed reading! xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I had my eye on some of their products for a while so was super excited to receive these! The clay mask is definitely my favourite but they’re all so nice for the price! Aw you’re welcome I’m glad you enjoyed reading! xx

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