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The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette For Spring/Summer

With it’s beautiful blush pinks and pretty shimmery golds, Urban Decay’s naked 3 palette is perfect for the spring and summer months.


The packaging as always with Urban Decay’s palettes is sturdy, has a handy mirror inside and if nothing else looks beautiful.

Inside the palette lies 12 reasonably sized stunning shades which are a mixture of mattes and shimmers. Not only does it have some gorgeous blush pinks and shimmery golds it also has the essential browns, a highlight shade and some darker shades including a gorgeous black with pink shimmer running through it too.


This palette is so versatile and you can create a range of different looks from a golden smoky eye, some pretty pink halo looks, a pink and gold mixture, a regular brown neutral eye or some darker looks too. Literally everything you could hope for is in this palette so there’s no need to reach for any extras! My swatches don’t do this palette justice whatsoever but I wanted to show you anyway…

The shades are well pigmented and last as long as you could hope for with a primer underneath without creasing. I literally have no complaints with this palette!


I picked this up when Feel Unique had a little sale so I managed to get it for £33.60 instead of £39.50. But either way I think for the quality of the palette it’s definitely worth the extra pennies, but always keep an eye out for those discount codes and sales!

What are you favourite palettes for spring/summer?

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26 thoughts on “The Perfect Eyeshadow Palette For Spring/Summer

  1. It’s such a beautiful palette! Naked 2 has been my favourite for years and I’ve always wanted to try this one! Great choice for summer! I’ve been using my rose gold maybelline colour tattoo lots in the summer 🙂 xxx


  2. Lovely palette! I agree, it is such a versatile palette to own and have in your collection! I’ve been reaching for my ABH Modern Renaissance palette a lot lately!



    1. It’s so pretty isn’t it I really think it’s perfect for this time of year! I love the Modern Renaissance too, I’ve been neglecting mine a little lately as I want it to last forever! Haha


  3. I’ve never tried any of the urban decay palettes, I think you’ve sold this one to me though the colours are gorgeous!

    Soph xo |


    1. The only other one I have is the Naked Smoky and I’ve not reached for that one for so long. This one is gorgeous though and I think I’ll love it for as long as it lasts! It’s just so pretty isn’t it? xx


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