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Alpha-H Liquid Gold

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So I picked up a set from Alpha-H around Christmas time as a little present from me to me as I’d heard some great things about this Liquid Gold and I’ve really been wanting to up my skincare game. The set was £25 from BeautyBay which including 3 mini sizes of each product, and considering the full size liquid gold is £33.50 I thought it was a really good deal and a great way to try out some new skincare products!

What is Liquid Gold?

The Liquid Gold by Apha-H is a Glycolic acid toner and I have never tried anything like it before. It is made to resurface the skin by tightening pores and going deep within them to remove any spot-causing bacteria and diminish the visibility of acne scares, pigmentation and sun damage. The result being that it gets rid of dull skin and reveales fresh new brighter skin.

What’s the best way to use it?

The best way to use the Liquid Gold is by cleansing your skin and then going straight in with the Liquid Gold and that’s it for the night. I use a cotton pad to apply it all over my face. By just cleansing and then using the Liquid Gold it gives an over night treatment to the skin and there’s nothing to interrupt it doing it’s job! When applying the Liquid Gold for the first few times you are definitely likely to feel a tingling sensation on your skin, I did and I also still do sometimes if I go a little while longer without using it, so that’s nothing to worry about. This toner is also not to be used every night, you can use it 2-4 times a week but not one night after the other. It says on the bottle to use every other night, but I think it’s best to build your skin up to that so it can get used to it first.

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My results and thoughts

After building my skin up to using this every other night I have tried to do so ever since. I usually use it every other night and then don’t use it at the weekends to give my skin a little break from the strong solution. I definitely feel like it tightens my pores and gives them a real good clean and helps to reduce the size of spots too. I think what I definitely notice the most is that it really helps to brighten my skin when it’s looking a little dull which I feel like has been a lot lately along with all of the dull wheather we’ve been having in the U.K.! This 50ml bottle, which is half the size of a normal bottle of Liquid Gold has lasted me around 3 and a half months so far and I still have some left for a good few weeks yet so I think I’ll definitely be repurchasing the full size once it’s run out completely. I really enjoy using this Glycolic toner and think it’s definitely worth trying!

Where can you buy it?

The Liquid Gold by Alpha-H can be found at BeautyBay or CultBeauty and of course the Alpha-H website all for £33.50 for a 100ml bottle.

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Have you tried this or any other products from Alpha-H? I’d love to hear what you thought too in the comments!



25 thoughts on “Alpha-H Liquid Gold

  1. I haven’t tried it but I’d really like to – it sounds amazing! I’m using Pixi Glow Tonic and Overnight Glow at the moment but if I see a good deal online I’ll definitely pick this up! Great post as always lovely xx


  2. This is the first time I’ve heard about this product and brand. It sounds amazing though, does everything you’d want in something that pampers the skin to brighten. I’ll be looking out for this when I’m looking for something exactly like this. ( As I’ve got quite a few similar products to go through!)

    Loved this post xx


  3. Great post. I got a sample size of this in my beauty advent calendar and I love it! As I use other actives in my routine I tend to only use this a couple of times a week but I love how my skin feels the next day 🙂 Xx


    1. I hadn’t heard of it until last year when I saw some people talking about how great it was on Instagram and things! I did my research and just had to try it for myself, was so happy with the little set I managed to get! I think you’ll really like it. Thank you Tania! xxx


  4. For me this is one of those products I’ve always wanted to try but I’m on the fence about it, I love how people say it brightens their skin (I need to fade some serious post acne scarring) but at the same time I’ve read reviews where people say it’s broken them out so that puts me off!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode


    1. I think it’s definitely worth the try! Around Christmas you could see if the xmas love set comes back in stock on BeautyBay, for £25 it’s such a bargain to give it a try plus the cleanser and moisturiser too! I have to say I’ve never broke out using it but I think it just depends whether it suits your skin. I really want to try the new Rose Gold version!


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