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Lush Mask Of Magnamity


We all love lush that goes without saying right? I love the shower gels, bath bombs and bubble bars so much but only recently have I started trying some different products. This is the first lush face mask I’ve picked up and you probably think I’m crazy, I think I agree! I just never really thought about what other products Lush have to offer and how good they would be, but considering how amazing the bath and shower products are, why did I even have to think about it?

I picked up the Mask of Magnamity face mask. There are two different versions of this mask and I picked up the self-preserving version and the description is ‘gently cleansed’. The self-preserving mask has a higher honey content meaning it’s thicker and remains wet whereas the original dries more thoroughly when applied.

So what does self-preserving mean? Lush says “This marvellous mixture keeps itself clean without the help of synthetic preservatives. That’s because the hydrating antibacterial honey that keeps your skin clean and fresh, does the same to the formula and prevents it from growing microorganisms.” 


So what are my thoughts on the mask? First of all, I absolutely adore the smell of this mask which is probably 60% at least, of the reason why I love it. The smell I love comes from the peppermint oil which is used in the mask to stimulate blood cells under the surface of the skin to leave it looking brighter and more refreshed. I think the main feeling when you have it on your face also comes from the peppermint oil too. It feels like you’ve just stepped outside after being indoors for a long time, and you get a gust of fresh air hitting your face but the feeling stays there? Am I talking crazy? I just love it! Not only this but the mask doesn’t tighten on your face so you can still move your face freely and it doesn’t crack or anything. You only need to have the face mask on for 5-10 minutes for it to do it’s job but as it doesn’t dry down, if you leave it on longer it will be perfectly fine.

I also really love that this mask not only cleanses and nourishes the skin but you can also use it to exfoliate too as it has aduki beans as another one of the ingredients. If you just dampen the mask it works just like an exfoliator before washing all of the product off. I always say this but – don’t we all love a multi-use product!

All in all Mask of Magnamity definitely leaves my face feeling clean and fresh but it also looks brighter too and as if a fresh layer of skin has been revealed and it’s all smoothed out and looking fabulous!


I picked up the 125g version for £6.25 and I’ve already had at least 5 masks out of it and it literally looks like hardly any product has been used at all. Considering the container looks really small and I always apply a thick layer I think it makes it pretty amazing and really good value for money.

As it’s my first Lush face mask, definitely let me know if you have any recommendations to try any of the others? Or any other Lush products you really love I would just love to hear about!



25 thoughts on “Lush Mask Of Magnamity

  1. This is my favourite mask as the moment, and it smells sooooo good! at Christmas, I also picked up the ‘sleepy’ cream (although it’s not a mask) it’s so amazing! Great post x


    1. I literally love the smell! Yes I was so upset I didn’t get the Christmas Snow Fairy set, I only managed to get a few shower gels, but that cream and bubble bar literally looked sooo dreamy! I hope I get my hands on it this year before it’s too late! Thank you lovely xx

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