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The Christmas Jumper Edit

It’s the time of year where everyone buys their new Christmas jumper whether it be for work, college, or just for a giggle with your family over the holiday period. So I thought i’d share with you a few of the best Christmas jumpers I’ve seen so far this year that are also super affordable!

The #Elfie is £14 from Tesco including the cute little headband! I think this is great for a giggle with colleagues or family especially with the headband too! Even if you’re just feeling Christmassy it’s not too over the top either if you just want to wear the jumper on it’s own whenever you feel like it in December!

This Ivory Christmas Pudding Jumper from Dorothy Perkins is so cute! It’s £28 but currently in the sale for £22.40 so even better. This one is great for you’re when you’re feeling a little festive but want to keep it simple.

Santa on Fleek! £15 from Boohoo and also available in black. Perfect for all you beauty bloggers out there for the perfect Christmas Instagram selfie!

I’m really loving Boohoo for Christmas jumpers this year they have so many great ones! This one is also £15 and available in red or cream. I think this one is perfect for wearing whenever over the Christmas period, it’s cute, warm and festive!

Next up we have the most affordable and the perfect jumper for having a giggle with colleagues, friends or family! This Primark snowman jumper isn’t just cute, It’s also musical! When you squeeze the snowman’s nose the music comes out and it’s only £12!

Another simple festive number is this cute reindeer jumper from Matalan for just £15. I love the colours on this one and the little pompom noses on the reindeers and that they’re in the shape of a Christmas tree!

Last of all is my absolute favourite! Not only is this a Christmas jumper it also has Harry Potter references for all of you (and definitely me) hardcore Harry Potter fans! Once again it’s another one from Boohoo for £15 so still a bargain and you just have to love it. I’m hopefully going to get my hands on this asap! It’s also available in red and grey.

Well that’s my round up of some affordable and favourite Christmas jumpers for this year! Have you seen any others you love? Let me know!


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